FITNESS classes
USUaLLY no shoes needed (Covid exceptions apply)

We are specialists in Russian Competition Kettlebell and Bulgarian Bag training methods.  We combine these two exceptional training tools with other functional training methods, such as TRX, Battlerope, Slamball and Vipr, to ensure you achieve exceptional levels of fitness and strength. You will never train any other way again, once you get the bug...

Our techniques are very specific, so before you participate in our classes which use the Kettlebells and Bulgarian Bags, you must undergo a class readiness training sessions with a Studio 41 trainer to ensure you can safely handle the equipment.  This applies, even if you have used this equipment elsewhere.  You can see our classes here.

To achieve these levels of fitness in our fitness training classes and personal training sessions, going barefoot will help you truly evolve.

Barefoot fitness strengthens the stabilising muscles of the foot and ankle and makes them stronger, and these other benefits:

  • Improves our proprioception which will improve our balance and movement

  • Helps us to feel and connect us to our environment and this helps our balance and develops our natural movements

  • Stronger arches and ankles and more support

  • improves muscle alignment allowing the core and pelvic floor to function correctly.

  • Increases flexibility and mobility of the foot and gives a much wider range of motion

  • Improves our Chi (Qi) and strengthens the entire body

  • Bare feet do not naturally smell

If  you prefer not to train barefoot, we ask that you opt for completely flat soled trainers, such as New Balance Minimus, Vibram, Vivo Barefoot or good old fashioned Converse style shoes.