Meal Planner

This planner depicts how your eating day should be conducted.  The plan is broken down into meal numbers.  You do not need to meet the number of meals suggested, but you must not exceed these.  Each meal must be kept in ratio as follows:

80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbohydrates

Meal 1

Breaking your fast

Meal 1 is an essential end to your extended 16 plus hours of fasting whereby you have consumed only water.  It is important to break the fast a non insulin reactive meal.

Example Bulletproof Coffee & 2 egg omelette with cheese cooked with butter., click here > Add & Manage Items.

Meal 2

Are you actually hungry?

If you can feel your stomach rumbling, then it is time to eat.  You may not feel hungry at normal times, and this may change over the next few weeks as you adapt.  Ideally this should be your heavier meal of the day. For example: 100g steak, 100g greens 30g butter/olive oil

Meal 3

Do you feel nauseaus?

You may be feeling a little nauseous, or simply just needing something to get you through to your next main meal.  Taking a bouillon or bovril with 30g fat will help to replenish your salt levels to help alleviate nausea and is a great way of getting fat in.

Meal 4

Your last meal of the day before fasting commences

This is your final eating opportunity of the day.  If you are hungry, opt for something easy to digest, such as fish and salad with your allocation of fat.  It is optimal to eat before 6pm, but if you're eating later, your 16 plus hours of fasting will help to balance your hormones and burn fat.



Once you have eaten your final meal, you may consume ONLY water for the next 16 hours.... this will help you to efficiently burn body fat, raise your immunity and increase DNA repair, reducing sagging skin.  It's a winner!  Best done overnight so you're asleep for most of it... you can even go longer if you can handle it.

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