kettlebell training
kettlebell training

social distaning
social distaning

barefeet welcome
barefeet welcome

kettlebell training
kettlebell training


Following social distance protocols, we offer covid-smart sessions, which limit your exposure in a 20-25 minute high intensity interval format, while keeping you safe in the Studio 41 bubble.  These sessions are so highly effective, that you'll  never want to go back to any other style of training...

Classes offer a designated training mat with a maximum of 10 socially distanced participants, including the use of equipment for individual use:

  • Kettlebells

  • Bulgarian Bags,

  • Barbells,

  • Slam balls

We also specialise in:

  • Personal Training (includes access to other training equipment not available in our classes)

  • Ketogenic Nutrition Coaching

  • Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi - moving meditation for raising your immunity and decreasing your stress

  • Hypopressives - abdominal and pelvic rehabilitation for weak core muscles

  • Pilates style methods for good posture and alignment

  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga - Yoga taught from a fitness perspective, rather than traditional spiritual yoga.

  • Ballet-FiiT - fitness classes using ballet techniques blended with a HiiT method

  • FitMama Maternity Classes - pregnancy and post birth exercise and wellbeing

Whether you want a to become seriously fit in our functional HiiT classes; or are in need of physical rehabilitation, or simply need help to transform your body and change the way you eat, Studio 41 can help. 


We are driven to help you feel really good about yourself, on so many levels.


We offer flexible membership packages, courses and personal training options.