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We have taken measures to ensure you are safe in our health and fitness centre following the Covid-19 pandemic.

IMPORTANT:  As with any cold virus or other contagious infection, if you have displayed symptoms of Covid-19, including temperature, dry persistent cough, loss of taste and smell, then please avoid Studio 41 until you are not presenting symtoms.    If you arrive at our venue and are clearly unwell, you will be refused entry and advised to go home to rest so as not to pass any illness onto instructors or co-members.  All 48 hour rules about temperatures and tummy bugs still apply as before and following the pandemic.

Track and trace:  Our booking system ensures that we know exactly who you have come into contact with so please ensure that you keep your bookings correct and up to date.  For example, if you no longer wish to use a space in class, then please cancel, so that you are not included in any potential government enforced self isolation program if participants of that class announce a positive Covid test.

Hygiene:  Upon arrival and departure, please use the hand sanitiser provided.  

Social distanced sessions:  In some classes, we have provided specific exercise stations for you to workout on which are placed at a Covid-safe distance apart.  You must collect the required equipment to use in your space, while maintaining the 2m rule with your co-members.  If you are happy not to socially distance, our regular circuit classes are still available.

Exposure:  To minimise your exposure to one another in our exercise bubble, our sessions have been reduced in time, but are still an effective and efficient, as well as a safe way to exercise.  In fact, we rate the shorter sessions so much, that we may continue in this way going forward.    

Masks:  We do not require you to exercise in a mask, but will continue to observe any change the government guidelines may make in this regard.

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