8 Week metabolic reset Courses

2022 Course Dates:  14th May,  16th July, 15th Oct, 

Course fee: £200

" My husband and I joined this course together, which has really made it easier to adapt.  After a few weeks it all became routine and we feel amazing.  The mental clarity, the emotional stability and the happiness radiates from us.  It's even made our attraction, respect and appreciation of each other much stronger.  We look forward to continuing this lifestyle!  Thanks to our wonderful mentors for the support and initially encouraging us to do this together."  Emily - Course participant

"Best decision ever!  Mind blowing changes both in health and weight.  Amazing coaching from Marie and Johny."  Daniela - Course participant

Come on a journey with us to reprogram your eating habits and begin to reverse health issues you may be experiencing, such as excess body fat, diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure, and fertility issues, to name a few.

We teach a low carb, good fat, moderate protein protocol and support you every step of the way with this life changing course.  

The course structure includes both face to face and online elements via our dedicated WhatsApp group:


1.  Week One, Initial weigh in, before photo, and course set up with various apps and information you require. 

Weekly weigh ins follow every Saturday at 10.30 - 11.15am.  If you prefer a private measure, this comes at an additional fee of £20 per weigh in.   Saturday weigh ins at 10.30am are included in the course fee.

2.  Nutritional Coaching so you understand why we teach you this method and how it works to heal your body.  This coaching is usually delivered to you in the form of a presentation, recording or WhatsApp voice notes so you can learn at your convenience.

3. Unlimited WhatsApp support with your designated mentor is available to you through this course.  This includes food diary analysis throughout the course, to help keep you focused and on track.

4.  Access to our fitness classes comes at an additional fee of £60 per month, but includes one FREE PT session to get you class ready for your safety.

Once you have completed your first course, you may feel that you want to continue with another until you have reached your goals.  

Courses are held in 8 week bundles to help you focus and set a pattern of behaviour you are more likely to continue with.