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Hello, my  name is Marie

I have been involved in the fitness industry since my first gymnasium management training took place in 1989.  Over the years, I have found my skills lay with helping people achieve more specialised goals.  I don't just help people to get super fit and healthy using our primal movement methods and specialised nutritional reset plan, but I can also help you stay fit enough to deliver a baby during pregnancy, and guide you safely while repairing bladder weakness,  pelvic organ prolapse or abdominal separation after childbirth.  

My specialist skills come with qualifications to teach these.  I am an advanced NASM personal trainer and nutrition coach, qualified to teach Extreme Kettlebells.  I have invested many years learning and understanding more about women's health, and as such am a Hypopressive Method practitioner, with an advanced Pre and Postnatal exercise qualification.  I also posses level 3 Pilates, advanced Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi certification and most recently have qualified in Level 2 Mental Health.

As a thoughtful coach, I continue to upskill and refresh my knowledge throughout the year so that I can bring you the  most effective and safe forms of coaching possible.  

I am so happy to welcome you into our studio, which I established in 2012 and co-direct with my husband and business partner, Johny.  Together, our skills combine to bring you the most comprehensive care and support possible.  Please feel free to send me a WhatsApp or text message to discuss options available to you: 07753 668 843.

Marie Behenna

Co-Director: Studio 41 Fitness Ltd.

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