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Hello, my name is Johny

In the late 80's, I began my career as a tennis coach, working at Manydown Tennis and in private schools around the home counties.  For some years, while she was at school, I was coach to our future queen, Kate Middleton and her sister.  I moved away from tennis when I went to live off grid in Europe for a few years. 


I have been involved in the mainstream fitness industry since I first began body building back in the late 1990s.  Years of body building taught me what not to do for optimal health.  My speciality, since becoming a personal trainer in 2009, has been to coach people in their natural primal movement patterns combined with nutrition to create an optimal healthy environment for the body.

My specialist skills come with qualifications to teach these.  I am an advanced personal trainer and nutrition coach, qualified to teach Extreme Kettlebells and Bulgarian Bags .  I also possess a qualifications in Hypopressives and Muscle Activation Therapy.

For many years, I have been an advocate of cold water therapy, breathwork, meditation and the ketogenic diet.

As a thoughtful coach, I continue to upskill and refresh my knowledge throughout the year so that I can bring you the  most effective and safe forms of coaching possible.  

I am so happy to welcome you into our studio, established in 2012, which I co-direct with my wife and business partner, Marie.  Together, our skills combine to bring you the most comprehensive care and support possible.  Please feel free to send me a WhatsApp or text message to discuss options available to you: 07513 351 965

Johny Grigg

Co-Director: Studio 41 Fitness Ltd.

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