Fitness Yoga

In Fitness Yoga we use the traditional yoga postures but create fluid routines that build strength, flexibility, and mobility.  We concentrate on the physical aspect, using Yoga postures, stretches and balances, combining these with fitness principles that endorse strength, stability, and increased flexibility. The movements in Fitness Yoga are much more fluid providing your body with a gentle yet powerful experience.  

Traditionally, Yoga (such as Vinyasa or Ashtanga) combines a physical and spiritual experience, whereby you might hold a certain position or stretch for minutes at a time while focusing on your breath.

Some Fitness Yoga classes will include abdominal vacuum training in the form of hypopressive stretches.

Although we do not use the traditional spiritual elements of Yoga, we do include a restful, mindful element to end the class.

Our classes are based on the method created by Jayne Nicholl's Freestyle Fitness Yoga.  We have taken the word "freestyle" out of the description on our timetable so as not to confuse this class with our advanced Kettlebell and Bulgarian Bag class by the same "Freestyle" name.

Your Fitness Yoga coach is Marie Behenna.

Fitness Yoga Coach